An anonymous author’s novel written on the walls of an abandoned house in Chongqing, China (2012)



7 facts you may not know about LGBT pride

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flawless people: LANA PARRILLA

"I’m a little cancer crab and I love the ocean, I love to swim."

yourbrainonmascara said:
"racialized misogyny is always uglier than misogyny without racism" says fucking who? yes, racism is ugly, and misogyny is ugly, but who are you to decide that the oppression some people face is "worse" than the oppression others face? people have different levels of sensitivity and what one person can brush off as noise, others are devastated by. there is individuality to be factored into experiences of oppression, so get out of here with your "mine is always worse" oppression olympics bullshit





…how is it oppression olympics to say racism + sexism is worse than just sexism? white women suffer sexism, sure, but you also have mountains of white privilege. like i don’t get what’s difficult about this. racism is a huge fucking deal. like it’s not just a minor inconvenience here and there. racism adds oodles of oppression into your life, just by virtue of being a person of color. and if you’re a woman of color, that shit IS worse. oppression is not about hurt feelings. it’s about a systemic and structural experience of constantly being devalued and dehumanized. women of color’s experiences are inherently tainted by an intersection of racism and sexism. my experience of being called a bitch is much different from the experience of an average white woman being called a bitch because you have the purity of white womanhood to fall back on whereas i’m an angry radical terrorist. you need to open your eyes and not make this about your individual feelings of being oppressed as a woman. you’re oppressed as a woman. i’m oppressed both as a woman and a person of color. the racism aspect of it matters, i promise.

Look at these self-righteous white girls thinking they’re seeing and preaching the absolute truth. “who are you to decide oppression some people face is worse than others face?” this is some beyond disgusting, ignorant, and whiny bullshit to turn this into a competition and push the idea that white women have it worse outside the actual reality. No one said you and white women don’t experience sexism and oppression, but it’s not always about you and one of the big points here is that the experience of sexism will NEVER be the same for WOC like it is for white women. That’s not up for debate.

Also honey, POC make up most of the world so in the fucked up, manipulative and trivializing manner you said “some” people, as if you’re talking about some insignifcant tiny fucking group of five people to make your point look more important and truthful is really grotesque. Does this person really think they’ve been realistic at all? Sigh.

As for who says it’s worse?? POC and people (including white people) who don’t act like these issues and REAL experiences are just senseless speculation. You claimed (completely wrongfully) that warcrimenancydrew turned this into the “oppression olympics” when that’s actually exactly what you did in this entire ask. Is it really so hard to see your own hypocrisy when basically what you’re saying is “BUT WHITE GIRLS HAVE IT WORSE WHO SAYS RACISM IS THAT BAD JEEZZZ!!” ??

You’re probably an expert on those experiences of POC and the topic of racism hmm? It’s clear to us that you have not grasped the concept that sexism for POC is NEVER exclusive of racism. EVER. THEY EXIST MUTUALLY TOGETHER ALL THE TIME. You actually said that she DECIDED racism and sexism is worse than just sexism as if that’s some farfetched insanity. Do you realize how illogical and insensitive that sounds? How PASSIVE you are being of racism and MINIMIZING it to make this all about you and white people again to overshadow POC’s issues and experiences? Your twisted view on racism doesn’t mean it happens in the way you believe, it’s doesn’t reduce it or change it. With the way you’re talking you make racism out to be like it’s nothing more than an inconvenient, very occasional experience.

Realize that you have absolutely no right to take a position on something you will never experience and tell POC that they are wrong about it, and hypocritically say who are they to “decide” or speak about it. You can’t assume and speak for those who suffer racism and misogyny and argue it’s subjectively worse. 

***forgot to add that whole “individuality” nonsense. You clearly forgot that being an “individual” doesn’t erase a person’s race. That is included in an “individual experience” for POC. You seemed to be heading in a direction where you want to discuss mental health and how oppression impacts individuals differently and guess what? That’s true. Guess who statistically and factually suffers and experiences more mental and physical health issues, as well as higher suicide and murder rates?





You really didn’t think this through.

Oh god this person is studying psychology and thinks woc are more able to handle hardship.

Yet another reason I am not going to another White therapist.


Xabi’s goals from his own half: v Newcastle - 20 Sep 2006 / v Luton - 7 Jan 2006


Photograph: Jay-Z and Beyonce with Doug Morris, former CEO of Universal Music Group which owns Jay-Z’s Roc-a-fella records, Island Def Jam Records (formerly Russell Simons’ Def Jam) and current CEO of Sony Entertainment which owns Columbia records where Beyonce is signed. 

Doug Morris’ net worth nearly doubles that of Jay-Z. So who are the real owners of hip-hop?
"Despite the perception that Black entrepreneurs like P. Diddy, Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, Cash Money [or Young Money] are moguls, they are, in actuality, the children of their respective parent companies. P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Records is owned by Warner Music Group; Suge Knight’s Death Row by Interscope is owned by Universal Music Group; Def Jam is also owned by Universal… What’s worse is that, despite popular perception, there are no Blacks -none -in top executive positions of the parent companies. What the parent companies, as well as the Black moguls, would like us to believe is that “the R.O.C. is runnin’ this rap shit.” This why Jay-Z is touted as the ‘C.E.O of Hip-Hop.’ “

- M. K. Asante, It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop: The Post Hip-Hop Generation, p. 111-112


Just saw the news on the jungle book live action adaptation, and I must say, that besides Mowgli and Bagheera, everyone else if not brown. I am the last person to be racist, or to hate Idris Elba or Lupita Nyong’o, both are talented and marvellous actors in their own right. But it should be simultaneously recognized by Disney that you just can’t shove in any non-white actor in your bid to diversify. Step back and think about it. All of Jungle Book is set in India. There is no end to the talented thespians from India. Why don’t you get them? Why must black exposure come at the cost of brown erasure? What possible excuses can you have? Sheer laziness? Neglect? Apathy? I honestly feel at this point that brown people are not even considered unless it is either for the sake of comedy (read: to be made fun of) or to play villains and terrorists or some effed up white fantasy of how brown people are like, like slumdog millionaire or some shit.

I mean, I honestly don’t want to be mean to anyone, and I’m quite happy with Neel Sethi and Ben Kinglsey. But on the other hand, wouldn’t people be offended if someone took a classic black story and cast it as mostly non-black actors? I don’t know, I just feel very erased.

Okay, so even though this isn’t at all relevant to this blog I kind of want to comment on this because, don’t get me wrong, i feel you and everything and i see where you’re coming from but idk I feel you might be missing something like its making me feel some type of way but i can’t quite put my finger on it.

First off, I get what you’re saying about your feeling of erasure, I understand that and I can relate to that. I mean just take this new Gods of Egypt movie or whatever its called with Batman and that other white guy. I feel you on that. And I agree with you that attention to on specific group of PoC shouldn’t come at the expense of other PoC. I feel you on that as well…


Idk it may be because you termed it as “Black Exposure” that makes me feel a little off because I really don’t see it as such being that its really just two already well known award winning/nominated actors. And maybe its could also be the fact that they’re all voicing animals?? maybe that’s it.

And on top of that, The Jungle Book is set in India but it was written by Rudyard Kipling, the same author of the poem “The White Man’s Burden” which was basically a justification for colonization as the “burden” being to “civilize savages” by imposing western practices, ideals and subsequently racist ideology in nations populated by people of color; basically he did the same thing white people do today saying how we should be grateful for white people colonizing, committing genocide, destroying land for their profit, etc etc because had that not happened then the world wouldn’t be as prosperous as it is today and all that bullshit. So maybe its because of that fact alone that i kinda don’t all the way see it as a classic Indian story because even the old 1967 movie had multiple hints of racism and most obviously anti-blackness. I mean if you look at all of the Disney animated movies from that era, the one set in the jungle with a bunch of apes as important characters, they decide to have Jazz be their style of music contrary to the other musical selections in literally every other Disney film except for Princess and the Frog which coincidentally had black characters and coincidentally they were also all animals for the majority of the film at least.

But all that isn’t to say that they couldn’t possibly have changed that and made this new movie more appropriate and used actual Indian actors to voice the characters of a movie set in India. And I know people are looking at this as a… idk a triumph? for actors of color to be majority cast in this film but it is also very necessary to give credit to each group of PoC specifically instead of being bunched up all into one because PoC identity is too broad and more focus should be put on the idividual instead of generalizing the entire group and looking at one triumph for a PoC as a triumph for all PoC. So I do understand your sentiment

but like i said, i still feel some type of way about it and honestly it could just be the way you worded it so idk



I just wanted to make a post because the Canadian government is super super pro-Israel and I don’t think I’ve seen too many posts about it.

A week ago, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a statement supporting Israel and denouncing Palestine as terrorists:

“Canada is unequivocally behind Israel. We support its right to defend itself, by itself, against these terror attacks, and urge Hamas to immediately cease their indiscriminate attacks on innocent Israeli civilians.” -Stephen Harper, July 13, 2014

Harper also made a long speech in January 2014 about his support for Israel, if you want to read it all (a warning that when he talks about Canadian Jewish people, I think conflates Judaism and Zionism at least in parts)

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, went to an Israel support rally this week. He was joined by the Liberal Party’s Foreign Affairs Critic, Marc Garneau.  Baird’s spokesman Rick Roth made a statement at the beginning of this year that said, “Israel has no greater friend in the world than Canada.”

The NDP’s Foreign Affairs Critic called for a ceasefire this week (the NDP is the Canadian opposition party). The letter seems to be spinning it like Palestine is the attacker and on the offensive (look at all the mentions of Hamas).

I think that we should write to the Canadian Federal Government letting them know that we disagree with their stance. A lot of people wrote letters a year and a half ago when Canada opposed the Palestinian bid for stateshood (just a warning, there’s snippets of letters and I think one of them conflates Judaism with Zionism). Maybe if enough of us write, they’ll take notice.

Here is a way to find your Member of Parliament’s name and contact information.

Here is Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s contact information.

Here is the contact information for the Office of Prime Minster Stephen Harper.